CCTV Security Storage

CCTV Security Storage Greenville, TX Modern technology has had a big impact on property security. There are sophisticated alarms, motion sensors, access control systems that operate on biometrics, and CCTVs. The most commonly used security systems are alarms and CCTV cameras and they’re very effective in keeping the items stored inside secure. At Raincross Storage, we offer CCTV security storage units to clients in Greenville, and the surrounding areas of, Union Valley, Caddo Mills and Commerce.

We also provide our services to clients based in Royse City, Poetry, Cash and Campbell. When you store items in our storage facility, you can be certain they will be safe and untouched until it’s time for retrieval.

What Is CCTV Security Storage?

Our storage facilities have a number of cameras located in different places as a part of a closed-circuit television system. These cameras cover a lot of ground and have very few blind spots so criminal elements can’t slip into a storage unit with CCTV security. Here are some of the characteristics of our CCTV system:

  • All cameras are placed in good locations.
  • The cameras are connected to a closed-circuit so the images and video captured aren’t accessible to anyone outside the circuit.
  • The feed from the cameras is monitored carefully by our security team so all security breaches are handled quickly.
  • Our CCTV system is up-to-date and efficient so there’s no compromise in quality and security.

What Are The Benefits Of CCTV Security Storage Units?

CCTVs are designed to monitor the storage units constantly and ensure no unauthorized person can access the units. These provide a number of benefits to our clients and they include:

  • CCTV security in storage provides peace of mind - You can store your items in our units and not worry about them going missing. Clients who want to store items of personal or monetary value in these storage units are often concerned about security. The security camera-covered units can offer them some peace of mind.
  • CCTV security makes it easier to catch the culprit - If any criminal elements do manage to bypass the security systems and access the unit, the CCTV makes it easier to catch the culprit so we take legal action against them.
  • CCTV security in storage units monitor activity - Some clients allow multiple people access to the storage units. This is especially true of commercial clients who allow their employees and business associates access. The CCTV system can monitor the activities in and around the storage unit.

Our CCTV security storage units are affordable and available for both short-term and long-term use. We offer the units on a monthly basis but can provide special plans and rates for long-term storage requirements. Our customer care executives are always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this service.

If you want to know more about our CCTV security storage units, don't hesitate to contact us at Raincross Storage. You can call us at 903-455-7867 (STOR) or fill out our contact form and we contact you at our earliest convenience.